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Client: Inhouse

Try to answer the following question (without cheating ;)): 
Do you know the correct frequency for the cardiac massage and the correct number of breaths for a person, if a respiratory and cardiac arrest has occurred? 

If your answer is NO or NOT SURE then you are in good company! 
Most people also don't know and those who do, usually can't remember in a real accident (because of panic, fear etc.). 

The ReaniMat shows the exact location of the cardiac resuscitation and the place for the revival of respiration by lit LEDs. 
Additional acoustic information (clock, start signal, etc.) can be made available through a small speaker. 
It's even possible to give complete instructions via the speaker or - as shown in the video - by playing the song with the correct frequency (Stayin 'Alive by the Bee Gees). 

The ReaniMat is easy to use (just press the start button and listen to the instructions) and easy to manufacture (all components are inexpensive). 

By the way - here is the correct answer to the question above: 
Currently 30 heart stimulations followed by 2 respiratory stimulations are the best combination to help a person who has suffered a cardio-respiratory arrest.

Status: prototype
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